Kerry K. Kuehn

Liberal Arts Reading Group--April 5, 2019

Is goodness objective? Last time we met with our Liberal Arts Reading Group, we looked at the preface and the first chapter of a book by philosophy professor Michael Huemer titled Ethical Intuitionism. In the preface, Huemer claims that intuition provides a "thoroughly objectivist, rationalist account of the nature of morality and moral knowledge". In Chapter 1, he briefly outlines the relationship between intuitionism, on the one hand, and four alternative views (subjectivism, nihilism, non-cognitivism, and naturalism), on the other.

In chapters 2 through 4, Huemer attempts to argue against the four alternative views. Let's skip over these (for now) and look this week at
Chapter 5: Moral Knowledge. Herein, he lays out and defends his theory of ethical intuitionism.