My laboratory work is primarily in the physics of fluids. I am currently working on developing an apparatus to study the dynamics of soap films — a quasi two-dimensional fluid whose behavior can be used to understand the physics of planetary atmospheres and, more broadly, the nature of turbulent flow in fluids. Some recent images from this project can be found in my fluid dynamics gallery.

In recent years, I have published work on acoustic imaging of Rayleigh-Benard convection, the dynamics of fluid vortex rings, and a computational analysis of tidal instabilities on multi-moon planets. Several years ago, I studied heat transport in superfluid helium using high-resolution magnetic-susceptibility thermometry. Links to these articles can be found in the sidebar.

In addition to my laboratory research, I recently wrote a four-volume book titled A Student's Guide through the Great Physics Texts. This part-textbook-part-anthology, published as part of Springer's Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics series, provides students and interested lay-readers with an introduction to physics based on the reading and analysis of some of the great texts of physics and astronomy.